Thursday, December 13, 2012


We rented a car two days ago to go out and about to stores to far to walk to or to taxi too. Plus we wanted to visit some ruins, go to the beach and visit a cenote or two. The first day we went to Dzbilchaltun. It was really hot. After we spent time in the museum and visiting the ruins we went to the above ground cenote and dived in.... it was awesome! It cooled us off in moments. As it was cruise ship day in Progresso there were a few buses at the ruins. One young couple we struck up conversation with had just gotten engaged ontop of the pyramid. Nice.... they were from Kansas City.
We than went into Progresso and had lunch at our favorite fish place!
Remains of my sea bass....

We have purchased a few items for the house... and we are getting much more comfortable!

A hammock

A guitar
Some stools for the kitchen counter
A couch

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  1. Love reading about your adventures. Looks like you are having a great time settling in & getting creature comforts for your new house. Enjoy your time there and send the sunshine north.