Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Guest House or No Guest House?

We meet with Roger the other day and he gave us the plans for the pool and guest house. The guest house would be two additional bedrooms each with their own bath. The bedrooms would have a connecting door area that could be left open if it was a family group (like Carlos' sister and family) or closed for non-related people. We have mentioned this to several of the people we have meet in Merida and their response has been, "You may want to rethink that guest house!" They say that in the 6 or 7 years that they have spent in Merida, no one has visited them... Now we did run into that this trip as several people were going to join us and all cancelled. So what do you think? Will we have visitors or are we building this for the stray cats?

Here are Roger's renditions...

I am taking a poll, would you come to visit us? Or if you have a house in Merida, how many guests have you had?


  1. I have been living in Merida for three years and no one has visited yet. But then again, I have not encouraged visitors since my house is still not completed. By the way, I am from Puerto Rico, via California. I love it here, it sort of reminds ne of Puerto Rico before we left in the fifties. By the way, they call sweet oranges chinas, just as in PR and RD. The word naranja seems to be winning out. If you ask of un jugo de china, no one will bat an eye, unless they are from another part of Mexico.

    1. Next time we r here come over for some rice and beans or arroz con Pollo!

  2. In the 8 years we've lived here, our guest room has been used 4 times. Once by a friend who lives at the beach, once by my son and twice by friends from NOB. However, we didn't build the extra room, it was Mijo's when he lived here.

    We have had other visitors but they all wanted to stay at hotels or fancy B&Bs.

    We have some friends who have guests all the time, but they have access to free or inexpensive travel.

    I think it depends upon how used to traveling internationally your friends and family are. If they wouldn't visit you in the next town, how likely are they to visit you in the next country?

    You could always hold off until you see if you really have a need. You can always build it later, but you certainly aren't going to tear it down.


  3. You have a beautiful home. I can't believe you don't have people wanting to come all year long.Just remember you don't want people to get too comfortible.
    We hope to come back in a few months to look for a house to rent long term. chuck & genny

  4. Replies
    1. And we would love it! Miss u ! Howis your new house?

  5. Hi guys. The house looks magnificent! You've made such great progress...we just spent the morning looking back at all of your construction posts, and it really is amazing. We vote with Theresa....live in the house a little and see how it goes. Enjoy the rest of your visit, and hopefully we will find ourselves down there at the same time some day soon! Best, Darren and Wade