Saturday, January 5, 2013

Walking home...Part 1

 I love to saunter along Paseo de Montejo. A leisurely walk along the wide and shaded sidewalks can be a great pleasure anytime of the day. On one of my last days in Merida I decided to record my walk from Walmart's to home. So here it is... in photos!

First place to rest

Sidewalks are wide
Love when trees bloom

I wonder what the story is need to say more..

a cat by a bank

Another story I wish I knew!

these benches should be redesigned...not kind to the old butts!

First one I ever noticed

Another story

Part of a hennequin train

Always a few carriages going up the avenue
another monument

They call this store "Pier 1 on acid"

This bank hold our fideicomiso

200.00+ a night B & B

A beautiful house...for sale!

another flower

Time to turn on 45th!


  1. Thank you for this lovely walk! Such a treat to see green trees, flowers, lovely homes, benches and wide sidewalks without snow!

  2. I love it when trees are in bloom, too, although I don't know my bougainvillea from my flamboyan.

  3. Thanks for taking me on this walk with you. I've wondered about the story behind the castle house, too.