Tuesday, January 22, 2013

From Rainforest to Hurricane...all for my kitchen!

Back when we were choosing our hard surfaces like pasta tiles and our plumbing fixtures, we also choose our granite counter tops for the kitchen. We spent part of a very hot day walking around the granite yard pausing here and there and discussing (sometimes heated) the granite each of us liked...that is Carlos, Roger (our esteemed architect) and I! I like the lighter granite with browns and blacks, Carlos was drawn to the more exotics like onyx and Roger liked the dark stunning ones like blacks, browns, blues. It ended up Roger and Carlos decided on the Rainforest as seen below. I was odd man out, but as I know that decorating is not my forte I was not too upset and was willing to go along with them.
Fast forward almost a year later and it was time to order the granite for the kitchen. As he tells it, Roger stopped and got a piece of the Rainforest granite and took it to the house. He laid it in the kitchen area and hated it! The colors just did not work with the kitchen. So back to the granite place and now Roger had to decide again what to choose. It was only days until Carlos and I were arriving for our December stay. It's a wonderful thing that Roger has spent so much time getting to know us! (since 2007) His new choice was called Hurricane and a piece of it is below:

Carlos loved it at first sight...I was ambivalent. Even though the rainforest was not my choice I had spent a year getting to love it.



After spending a month with the kitchen, I love the granite. It is a perfect color and I do need to say, "Hats off the Roger" he really does know Carlos and I! Now can I talk about the kitchen sink that I hate?


  1. What a wonderful home you guys are building. I live in Monterrey and I visited Merida last Saturday... I loved it so much that I'm entertaining the idea of moving... Regards!

  2. Love it!!! It looks like all three of you have good taste!!