Saturday, January 12, 2013

Making Friends in Merida

New Years Eve in front of our house

Most of my life I have made friends through school, work or my son's school and sports activities. I was a
little unsure of how I would make friends in Merida without any of the above to rely on. I saw an introduction on Yolista of two new people that would be in Merida the same time we would, I e-mailed them and made arrangements to meet. I am so glad I did. The two Canadians are what I would call 'sympatico'. Carlos and I had a wonderful wine and munchies evening at our home, and got to show it off to our first guests! The next week we joined David and Leo at their wonderful modern home for a delicious dinner. On New Years Eve they joined us again for wine and appetizers. I am so happy that I took a chance and we got to meet such fabulous folks! I hope they will be our friends for a long time...
Two years ago when we were here in Merida for the month of December our house was almost a wreck and we were just slightly one step above camping. We couldn't or wouldn't ask anyone over. Actually we only had two plastic chairs and a mattress on the floor. That was way less than my first apartment back in the college days had! We went to the mel nights (this is a social night at the Merida English Library) and really didn't meet anyone. This time we went to the mel nights again and found two empty chairs at a table and asked to join them. Great move! We met Bill and Linda from PA and right from the start it was like we knew them for a long time. They came over to see the house, joined us for wine and appetizers and after we walked Paseo de Montejo and had an ice cream. What an interesting life they have had! And they also joined us for New Years Eve.
Our friend Arturo introduced us to Priscilla and George who rounded out the New Years Eve party along with Arturo, Orelia and their daughter Karla.
So here I was worried about making friends! We had another couple approach us in Santa Ana park and introduce themselves... they said, "We saw you at English Mass on Christmas Eve" Wow, it looks like I will have an easier time making friends than I thought!
One morning in Santiago, we saw a tall gringo type man sitting on the bench perusing the world and I saw to Carlos, "That is hammock man Paul, you should go talk to him you really like his blog!" He did and he joined their coffee meetings Thursday morning at 9am. He got to meet Eric, Richard and Marc also. Bill from PA attended too. I know whenever we are in Merida, Carlos will be attending at Flor de Santiago, their conversations are right down his alley!
I have had many e-conversations with people I have not yet met. Our times in Merida have not overlapped. Lee and Paul, Darren and Wade, John and Allen, I can't wait to meet these wonderful people!

Note: No photos from New Years Eve as I did not ask permission of the folks attending..... no one had a lampshade on their head.... as I do not have any lamps...yet


  1. Not that we haven't met -- we met under the Gateway Arch! -- but it is a bummer that now I'm here and you're not! As for friends, I think we have more friends in Merida than we do at "home."

  2. Hopefully, by this time next year, we will have settled in to our new life in Merida. I look forward to meeting you both and seeing that great new home in person. Glad you had such a great stay this time.

  3. Enjoy reading your blog...Can you send me an email with your email in it. Want to respond to your question, and can't figure out how.