Sunday, January 20, 2013

Will Hockey be in our life?

Last night Carlos and I went to the opening hockey game between the St Louis Blues and the Detroit Redwings. We have not been to a hockey game in almost 10 years. We didn’t know any of the current players, but the action was hot and the crowd, at standing room only, was hotter.  Carlos’ employer gave us our tickets, which at 160.00 US dollars each, was enough pesos for us to live in Merida for a week…. or two.

At one time our life revolved around ice hockey. Our son was an avid player, starting at about 4 years old. (He started skating at about 2 ½ years old) He played on a travel team and many of our weekends were spent traveling to such places as Chicago, Kansas City, Indianapolis or Champlain, IL. When we weren’t traveling to games we were getting up at ungodly hours for his practices. For several years Carlos participated in a men’s pick up league that played Friday nights at midnight
Carlos is in the blue Parkway jersey kneeling center

Warm socks, ear muffs and gloves were the fashions of those days and I could always be found with a steaming cup of hot chocolate in my hands. Than for several years our teen age high school exchange students we hosted were hockey players from Finland. Now we had three hockey schedules to try to follow. There were weeks we spent 12 to 15 hours in rinks, our garage was filled with really stinky hockey gear and I had several broken and cracked windows from errant hockey shots. As fast as it started, it was over. Our son finished school and went on his way. Carlos stopped playing and we hosted mostly girls who did not play hockey.
Our son at about 6 yrs old 
After the hockey game while waiting on the platform for the light rail train, Carlos turns to me and asks, “Do you think they have a hockey team we could watch at the mall rink in Merida?” Is he thinking that he may have hockey withdrawal? Didn’t we have enough hockey for life? Does he not remember those 4 am practices, or those long road trips with icky hotels and rampaging hockey brats? Tell you what, If my granddaughter or grandson plays hockey, we’ll come NOB for some of those games!

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