Sunday, January 6, 2013

Walking Home... Part 2

Crossing Paseo de Montejo we continue to walk on Calle 45. Now the streets become narrow and the sidewalks a little uneven. Houses of various states of repair line the streets, the doors opening directly onto the narrow sidewalks. Many doors and windows are left open and I notice that people passing by mostly direct their eyes forward and do not look into the homes. I wonder if I've been caught sneaking looks.....
Walking down Calle 45

Skateboarders in Santa Ana Park

Santa Ana has such a beautiful church
Flamboyant are my favorite trees
No one will be using this phone anytime soon!

Getting a new facade..

I didn't know you could grow roses in the tropics....
I love these named corners..

When I see the half windmill I know we are almost home..

I see my house!


  1. The color on the facade is just right! Soon, if you just turn left instead of right on 45, you'll be visiting us and we'll share our arroz con gandules with you. (You can get pigeon peas in Merida, can't you????)

    1. no gandules, no pink beans, limited kidney beans (I found two expensive cans at pacsdeli), no split peas, no mixed beans for soup, no sofrito, no sazon...not even the kind of calabaza to use whith the white beans I couldn't find! I looked in at least 10 different stores plus the mercados. I pledge that I will make sofrito enough for your housefold and mine to share.....
      Oh and there is another Puerto Rican in Merida, he posted a comment a few posts ago!