Thursday, December 25, 2014

It's been a busy week

Today is Christmas and it seems like we just got here. We've had a pretty busy week and here's a quick recap.
Monday we went to Mayapan with friends Eric and Mary. We spent most of the afternoon just wandering around, enjoying the sights and drinking in the peace of the ruins.

During our afternoon together I was lamenting that I had never seen a corn broom here in the Yucatan and how much I hated the plastic brooms that was used by (almost) everyone. I even went on to say that Carlos needed to get one and add it to our container that we will ship soon. Than on the way into Merida, I happened to glance to a small hardware store on the street and there it was... a corn broom. We all noticed it at the same time and Eric quickly wheeled the car to the curb, Carlos jumped out and now I am the owner I one fabulous corn broom! It was only 75 MXP too. ( about US 5.50)
Later in the day they showed us a magnificent house we had never seen before. It really looked like something Moorish brought over from southern Spain. Just beautiful.

Today was Christmas day. Carlos had coffee this morning with some of his friends that get together every Thursday morning to talk history and politics. I decorated my palm tree for Christmas.
After spending time Skypeing my grand kids and other close relatives we had the wonderful experience of millions of locust swarming across the skies. It first started with Gus, our Maine coon chirping at something in the courtyard. When I went out to see, I found that he had a locust he was playing with. When I looked up I saw hundred of them, than thousands, than I heard people out front of the house and when I went out there I saw millions! So we got to see the locust as well as meet some of our neighbors. A really busy week!

It's only a little after 8 on Christmas night and we are so tired from our week of activity...Carlos is laying on the couch ready to electrocute any mosquitoes that dare to come near him!

and that's the recap!


  1. Fun time in Mayapan, guys. And the locusts that we saw in clouds on the way home are in our backyard this morning, bumping into everything. Don't get a speeding ticket with that broom, Pat. ~eric.

  2. We were eating in a restaurant in Mazatlan one time when the locusts came. The waiters ran to cover our food and they shut off the lights so the bugs would not be attracted. Very weird experience. Late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours. Someone told me that they saw fried locusts on a stick at them mercado this week. I guess the Mayans think they are pretty tasty!