Thursday, December 11, 2014

We are all settling in..

Kiwi,Gus and Persimmon nap on the couch
We've now been in Merida for more than 4 weeks. I've had many people question not only how Carlos and I are settling in, but more importantly how the cats are getting on.
I think it's been a challenge to get the cats used to being here. First off, I can't get their favorite foods here, the wet food available is of the most basic kind. I did bring several weeks worth with us but the supply is quickly dwindling. I've bought all that I can find to try and I think I may have something they will eat.... though I am on the receiving end of a dirty look or two.
This house is designed for indoor/outdoor living and for the first two weeks the cats were contained mostly in the main three rooms of the house.

Now I am letting them out but at night I do not. Two of them have gone across the rooftops to the property next door. Gus, the maine coon got stuck and I had to climb over a fence with the help of a young neighbor (who didn't speak any English) to rescue him. Persimmon went over the rooftop and came back without his collar and tags and let me tell you cat collars are very difficult to find here!
Two days ago my worse fear happened when I found Bleu-Berri soaking wet after a tumble and a swim from the pool! Now I didn't see it happen so I don't know how good of a swimmer he is, but somehow he managed to get out and now he gives it a pretty wide berth!
Bleu after his swim

For the most part of the days the cats are looking for places to nap and they have been busy finding ones that either they feel secure in or an area with a great cross breeze.
Persimmon likes the pantry shelves

Gus still likes the couch

Bleu hides in a cabinet crevasse

Kiwi is a fan of cross breezes and the cool tiles


  1. Poor Bleu. I bet that never ever happens again. Your home is truly Casa del Gato Azul now lol.

  2. The new place looks wonderful! I'm glad that you and Carlos are having a better time with settling in than the cats. Hahaha! I'm sure they're just curious about every nook and cranny available for napping. Anyway, I hope you're having fun on your new journey. Thanks for sharing that, Pat! All the best! :)

    Sean McCrory @ Graham Commercial Real Estate Consultants