Saturday, May 16, 2015

Before, During and After...

This week the painters were here everyday from early morning to early evening and they even came on Saturday for a 2/3 rds day. They worked hard in the heat. I went through liters and liters of water and my freezer couldn't keep up with the demand for ice. I think it looks great...

Before...being prepped

Done with new color!

Casita with old color

During the transformation to Azul

I love the new look!

Bright and beautiful, cheerful and makes my heart sing!

Edit: We added some white accents around the arches....


  1. Love the look of that blue - your house is so beautiful. I missed your last post. We are going to Playa Del Carmen in June. I know it is going to be bloody hot. Fortunately, we can handle the humidity a little better now that we live in a humid place like Vancouver Island, but we never get the high temperatures. The highest it usually gets here is 28 degrees celcius on a warm summer day.

    1. Playa will be hot but you should have some wonderful sea breezes...remember if you ever want to come this way...I have a casita guest room just waiting for guest...though as no one has taken me up on that I'm beginning to think we smell or something..or it's more likely that Merida is not everyones idea of a great vacation spot!

  2. Who is your custom broker for inspection in Progresso? We are going to ship 40’ container via Protos Melfi shipping line out of Toronto, Canada. Pat do you have any connection to Czechoslovakia? (Sow your comment: “We have so much glassware.. much that we hand carried from Czech Republic”)

    1. José R Campos Canto ║ Tel: (999) 946-2326 Ext. 106 ║ Fax: (999) 946-2961

      The name of the company is Cervera. We have found him to be very professional. Our container should be out of customs and in Merida some night this week. As we are centro it will be at midnight. We have three hours to unload it. Customer brokers are a touch expensive but we think he is worth every penny! Our Czech connection is that we hosted several exchange students from there for a high school year and have visited them several times. What a beautiful country and wonderful warm people! Is that a Tonkinese or Siamese on your photo? I'm more than happy to answer any other questions you have. (BTW, we did have several articles that were refused entry, a canoe and our car seats which we had taken out of the van to drive down here. We were given the choice of paying a big import duty or abandoning them.... we abandoned them.)

    2. Thank you very much for info. Your house looks so pretty! Pat is there any way to contact you by e-mail? (Cat is Siamese male)

    3. pq@ computer take out the spaces