Saturday, May 30, 2015

Getting Settled With All Our Stuff..

My small desk
It's been a week now since our container arrived and was unloaded into our front room. Carlos and I have been working like dogs to find places for all our things and place furniture where it should be. So far I have only found four things broken, a large depression glass vase, two pieces of pottery by a favorite potter and a large Spanish Pottery Caldero I hand carried back from Spain more than 20 years ago.
A favored piece of pottery didn't make it!

Our small breakfast table

While I worked on placing furniture through out the house and putting furniture together, Carlos worked on getting all his boxes of books up to his library. I unpacked kitchen ware and found places for it. As it was at least 100 degrees F all week, we sweated buckets as we worked.
I did run into a problem with one of our patio sets. It was new last year and we never put it together, so when I worked on it here I found that I am missing most of the hardware. Called home depot and they are sending it to our US address and I will get it mailed to me here. They were great to work with!

Need hardware to put two more chairs together and the arms on these!
The rest of the terraces and courtyard look so much more inviting with some tables, chairs, umbrellas and other furniture placed on them. Just the right places to sit with a cold drink!

The two guest rooms are more than ready for guests!

Finally both Carlos and I are working hard on getting his library set up and comfortable. All the books are waiting to be shelved. His guitars are there as well as his sheet music. His new couch arrived and the chairs and ottomans, tables, bar and lamp are in there and ready for his escape!

Books to shelve!

So that what we've been doing all week, working pretty hard. Tomorrow we go to the port of Progreso and have a leisurely lunch with some friends and take a long walk on the beach. Than on Monday, back to work.


  1. What a big job but it must be nice to have all your stuff back with you!

  2. I would greatly appreciate it if you could email me with details of your move - the moving company you used, if you would recommend them, your container size, and cost. I am preparing to move to San Miguel and haven't a clue what to expect re cost per container, etc.

    I've read many accounts of people moving but none that are specific or that name movers. If you are willing to share I'd be forever grateful! email is moving2sma at gmail dot com