Saturday, May 9, 2015

What's Going On!

Most everyone knows that it has been hot in the Yucatan. I mean really, really hot. One day is was 109F...needless to say, the cats and I did not move much those days. 

In the meantime, Carlos was back in St Louis where it was cold. I think he complained as much about the cold and damp as I did about the heat and humidity. But he had to be there to get our household goods approved by the Mexican Embassy in Kansas City as well as load the container and get the items shipped off. I was so jealous that he was able to spend hours and hours of time with our precious grand kids! He took them to the park, the zoo, played with them and had lots of fun! Carlos even took Maia to choose some new outfits at the mall. Meanwhile I did fine here by myself.

Now after 5 weeks he's back and we are continuing on our 'repair' mode on the house. The front door is back at the carpenters as the repairs unrepaired themselves and it cracked in other places! We are having the facade of the house repaired and repainted. There was some water damage that sloughed off some of the stucco in several spots and the color had faded in the 4 years since it was painted. 

Right in the middle of all of the repairs we had to make a trip to Chetumal on the Belize border to have my temporary import certificate on the car extended. We tried to have that done in Progreso but those folks there were really hard to work with. The people are Chetumal were great to work with! Interesting that there more than 50 Mennonites there also getting their visas extended. There are many farming communities of Mennonites and Amish both here in Mexico as well as in Belize. 

Now the car sticker is good until November, we had a good ride there and back and now we are home dealing with workers and waiting for all of our furniture to arrive in a week or it left Panama City Florida on the container ship Compeche and hopefully all goes well in customs when it arrives and we receive it in a week or ten days!
And now the electricians are here...

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