Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I'm back in Merida and it's almost like I never left!

 After 17 fabulous days with the grand kids as well as my sis-in-law and her two, I traveled back to Merida via Cancun and than the 4 hour bus ride. I left the house in St Louis at 4:30 am and arrived in Merida at 8:30 pm....yes, it is a trek....yes, I could fly directly into Merida via American or United. However, the cost is twice as much and since I'm retired I'm not in much of a hurry! Much of that time was waiting...2 hours (TSA requirement) in St Louis, 3 hours connection in Chicago, 3 hours waiting for the direct bus to Merida  at Cancun airport. Once I was on the super comfortable ADO bus, I was able to lean back and snooze!
Carlos sent me photos while I was gone so that I could see that he was keeping up with the yard work that I usually do (not):

and that my cactus bloomed for the first time:

as well as showing me how great a job Lupita, our cleaning person was continuing to do:

and last but not least all of my cats had survived his care!

And I jumped right into being back. I was excited that the rainy season had begun. Merida looked cleaned and fresh!

Baseball was still happening and my favorite player from Jacksonville, Florida, Corey W was back!

My first morning back we headed out to our FAVORITE taco place for breakfast! (yes tacos are a breakfast food here):

and I have almost finished dealing with the home repairs/updates with items from my bulging suitcases I muled down! Like the new pendant lights that just screw into can fixtures ...who knew! Love how the kitchen looks now.

and the best of all...the cats have let bygones be bygones and are over their snit!

Now we are preparing for an influx of visitors most coming from Europe to stay with us...I'm always excited to share our Yucatan!

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