Friday, July 8, 2016

We debated about this, ad nauseam

We debated and debated and posted on this blog as well as ask for opinions about if we should build the casita in the back of our property. The answers were mostly, "we've been here for 5 (or 7 or 9) years and we've never had anyone visit and stay with us yet". But the answer that swayed us the most was, "build if for yourselves...not for guests" and we did just that. Of course we than changed the design to one large room and one bathroom, thinking that as we aged we would move down so we didn't have to climb stairs. Our bedroom is still upstairs and this year is going to be our years of guests! And that makes me pretty happy!
In January and February, we had friends come from Sweden...though they are Hungarians and some from California. It was great and we were able to do some touring about with them as well as to just hang out.

Than in March we had Pavlina and Steve as well as their two kids come from the Czech Republic and stay with us. It was such a treat to meet their kids....Pavlina was one of our exchange student back in the mid 1990's were she lived with us for a year and attended the local high school. We had a great time and was able to spend several days touring.

And now I am in the planning mode as the next two months will be chock full of guests and more touring around! Two different past students from Denmark as well as their families, My German student and his wife and three of his four kids, a friend from California and now still in the panning stages, two friends from Florida (Sept) 
I've got a big smile on my face just thinking of my visitors and I hope they all fall in love with the Yucatan as we have!

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