Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Time passes so swiftly...

I just returned from spending a month in the US... First I went to upstate NY, north of Albany where I grew up. I hadn't been in about 6 years and wanted to see some family and friends. An added bonus was that the weather was just fabulous. When I left Merida it was about 104F...arriving in the evening in NY the weather was in the 50'sF. Glorious! For the next 11 days the weather continued to be warm in the afternoons and cool at night. I stayed with my sister Vel...the one I had meet in March on Cozumel and we adventured through the mountains and of course the shops. We spent one of our days at Fort Ticonderoga which is situated on Lake Champlain south of Plattsburgh. It was so beautiful and interesting. The last time I was there was more than 50 years ago!
At the fort

Lake Champlain

Poppies at the fort

I also managed to eat my through just about every food I had missed while living in the Midwest and iving now in Mexico...Ted's Fish Fry, Joe's Hot Dogs, Pastrami on Rye, my cousins Clayton BBQ (he now caters), and the best McIntosh apples!

Pastrami on Rye with Saratoga Chips

Clayton's BBQ ..not much leftover 

Love those Macs!
My eleven days here included meeting up with a cousin, (and babysitting her beautiful new granddaughter), spending time with two other sisters, chance meeting a facebook friend that I hadn't seen since I was a child and visiting my dads grave in Saratoga National Cemetery. Days were full and next visit has to be longer as I didn't get time to visit other friends as well as paces! Now it was off to St Louis for the rest of the month.
Buttermilk Falls close to were I grew up

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