Friday, September 16, 2011

Everything and the bathroom sink!

Via skype I broke the news to Carlos last night. (he's in Chicago this week) Yes, I am taking the bathroom sink. And when he's home next week he can change it out for me so we can take it with us in October. Why? I'm taking it because it's Mexican and I love it as well as when we I redesigned the master bath we I made a major mistake. Here's what I did. I changed the vanity to an adult height vanity which is 36.5 inches high with granite top.  At 5 ft 9 inches I was tired of hunching over a sink. And than I ordered the hammered copper vessel measured 8 inches high and 17 inches in diameter. (huge) So the total height of the vanity and sink is 44.5 inches tall. And that makes it almost impossible for anyone less than 5 ft 6 to use the sink comfortably. I can't imagine trying to market the house to folks over 5 ft 6in, it's tough enough right now and for the near future I think it will be the same. I'm taking the sink back to Mexico, returning it home so to speak and I'm sure it will look really lovely in my guest bath. I just have to let the architects decide how tall to make it!

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  1. What a gorgeous sink. Your house is going to be amazing - I am in love with the beautiful arches.