Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Few Updated Construction Photos!

The upper level is starting to take shape. In last nights conference call it was said that the columns are now done and the upper arches will be worked on this week. Today I only have some photos taken of the upper level walls going up. I can still see the changes taking place. We will be going to Merida, the second week of October to choose toilets, sinks etc. (maybe even flooring and colors!) Plus they need  GCFI  interrupt outlets that I want installed in the bathrooms, hallways and kitchen and roof. I am bringing them down from here. I will be so excited to see the house. It's been difficult not being able to see the daily progress.
The master showing french doors as well as small balcony

There will be concrete beams across the top here to make a pergola

A good view from the back

Upper terrace outside of CQ's study

Master bedroom

looking from the lower terrace (outside of kitchen)

The courtyard

From the terrace looking into CQ's study


  1. What progress! Everything is shaping up so nicely!

    You piqued my curiosity with the GFCI outlets. Are they hard to come by in Merida? They're so commonplace in the US, but I've never looked for them in Merida.

  2. Our architect said that they were not common and very expensive. I can buy a 10 pack for under 75.00. As they were not on the original plans I said I would supply.
    My dad was an electrician so I am a little obsessed about stuff like that!

  3. Hey it worked as anonymous!!! Now I can comment!!

  4. Nothing is more beautiful than those arches!!! Is this where you plan to retire?? I got your message...Hope you guys are there in Feb. or March! Would love to meet!! Dianne

  5. I love the arches too! This weekend I should receive photos with the upper arches done too. I think it will really shine then! Yes we plan this to be our retirement home. I am originally from NY and Carlos from Puerto Rico, both places way to expensive to retire too... this is our compromise!

  6. Wow, your place is looking great. I thought we had a project, but yikes, you really have one. Those arches are gorgeous. It's all going to be absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful compromise.