Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ten More Days! (and new photos from today!)

It's only ten more days before we land in Merida! I am so excited by the idea that I will finally be able to explore  and discover. Will we have enough open air spaces for socializing, lounging, or sleeping. Will our personal space be satisfying? Will the portico and colonade shelter us from the sun and rain? Will the design elements look as stunning in 'real life' as they do in the photos..... oh my, the questions really just run through my head.
Tonight I received some updated photos taken just this afternoon by our good friend Arturo. He has really done a great job keeping us updated. His e-mail today said, "The electrician and the plumber have installed pipes and electric ducts. The roof is already on and they will be pouring cement on it tomorrow. The walls are also being cover by what is called "Richado" witch is the basic coat of cement to cover the block. There is two more layers of cement after the richado."
So take a look and enjoy the photos!


  1. Boy, it's really starting to take shape, I really like all the columnes and arches. Enjoy your time here!

  2. Absolutely beautiful columns and arches!!! Have an awesome trip!!!

  3. I love all the columns and arches, too. It's going to be beautiful!