Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm not travelling light!

I usually travel light!
This trip I have lots of baggage, literally! We planned this cruise with my sister and her husband to take advantage of the 300.00 (each) personal allowance going into Mexico by sea. I have all the receipts. Plus the cruise was cheaper than flying and we do not have to deal with too much luggage.
Today we are off to Miami to start our trip. We are spending 2 days with Carlos sister before we leave on the cruise on Sunday. Our cruise is 7 days and than it's back to Miami for several days. I will return home (some surgery scheduled for the 19th)  but Carlos will stay in Florida to meet our exchange student of 20 years ago who is flying in with his significant other on Friday. Carlos has the month of December as his vacation.
This Danish boy was our favorite out of the 14 students we hosted over the years. Carlos, Morten and Tine will head to Merida via Cancun on the 13th of Dec. Carlos will bring some odds and ends (like garbage disposal) with him on that trip. Otherwise he will just show Merida and our house to our Danish friends who would love to move there too! (I hope they visit the Danish bakery!)
They will come back to St Louis on the 21st of December in time to celebrate the holidays! So it will be a whirlwind December.


  1. Bon voyage to you and the faucets! Have a great trip.

  2. Have a safe, fun trip!!! We have only 32 days until we go to Merida!! It sounds like we all have a very busy month!! Adios!!