Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What about the roof space?

Our house has lots of rooftop. We have the first room with its really high ceiling, than the second room, a little less high and than all the new addition with the two stories. Between the new addition and the front room, the roof is very accessible and that will be my clothes drying area. As the roof dips there you will not be able to see it from the house area or the street. 

The clothes hanging roof
I love to hang clothes out. I love the scent of sheets dried in the sun. Towels fresh and rough from outside exfoliate without a lot of fuss. I do it here in Missouri. I have the only clothes pole in my neighborhood or among all my friends. I call it being ‘green’.
Now Carlos has been noticing all of that rooftop space and it’s driving him crazy! He now wants to have a conversation with Roger about adding a spiral staircase on the other side of my drying area to the upper roof over the new addition. He wants a rooftop terrace. Not sure why as we already have three terraces on the plans and if/when we build the casita and pool at the rear of the property there will be two more. I think it’s all that empty space and the romantic idea of rooftop and stars gazing… after all he did grow up in New York City where a rooftop terrace was something to aspire to.
Who uses their roof?

My favorite view to the east

Such a large expanse of space!


  1. On the BA tour of 10 homes on Sunday, there were a few with 3rd floor rooftop terraces and the views were spectacular. The breeze was even better.

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