Monday, October 24, 2011

I must be color blind...

This is the green I wanted for the house facade
I won't bore you with the story of an entire day looking at toilets! But if you are bored by paint colors you may just want to look at the photos! Picking paint colors was not as pleasant experience for me. Let's just say that I was outvoted on almost every color I wanted. I had said from day one that I wanted the house to be olive green with white, even after the house next door became electric pink. Carlos has always wanted a mustard or terracotta and Roger a bright blue. We spent about 4 hours at the Sherwin Williams paint store out on the highway to Progresso, We set up a desk with the house plans, the sink, the stone for the kitchen and photos of all the pasta tile we had decided on. And the discussions began and sometimes got a little heated!
This was serious business!
Room by room the colors were discussed and chosen, sometimes two colors for one room! Towards the end of our time there I decided that I would back off and not argue for my choices as it was only paint and I could repaint it later to the colors I wanted....however I did get involved in the house facade color choices as I was really not liking the colors much. So I finally said OK, you guys choose the color for the facade but I DO NOT want a yellow or blue house. So with that they really got down to business. 
Roger working on the facade colors

Carlos taking a much needed break
Roger and Carlos got down to a couple of colors for the facade and decided to order some samples so they could see the colors up in the light. We got ready to leave assured that one of Roger's workers would pick up the colors and we could see them the next morning and decide.
1st color too orange, 2nd too pink and third not enough brown!

So we took a walk and found the color we wanted!

The house sure looked different when  I started to see color on the wall! I know that Roger and Carlos will be happy with all the colors. I'm sure I will be happy too.


  1. Selecting paint colors can be difficult and frustrating. The chip colors never match the paint on the wall, especially exterior walls. I've learned to pick the color I like and 'learn' to love it once it is finished, even if it is not what I expected. And, as they say in Mérida, if it is too bright or garish, just wait a few months and the sun will mellow the color to something you love.

  2. I want to see what happened to those sherbert colors that went up across from Sta. Lucia park last May. Would they have faded over the summer?

  3. Comex paint is not cheap, but it is good quality paint. They have a paint color chart with "traditional colors" of old haciendas. It seems like the "too pink", "too orange," and "not enough brown" would have been solved by choosing the Comex hacienda color (don't know the name right off the bat, but check their stores for the paint chip color chart).

    All of their exterior colors would look good on a house like yours. Of course, if you want to spend a lot of time choosing each varying shade and tone, Sherwin Williams should be a lot of fun. Just don't count on it staying that color long in the tropical sun.

    Comex colors are found on most of the traditional buildings. It is often used because there are little stores in every neighborhood.

  4. Anonymous, Thanks for the tips on Comex paint. I'll say something to our architect, maybe he'll find the color there.