Saturday, October 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, CQ!

Our first full day in Merida,, Sunday  Oct 9th,  happened to be CQ's birthday... not any run of the mill birthday, but a genuine milestone birthday. Yes, we had to celebrate. I thought being in Merida should be celebration enough, but you know how this goes... he really needed a party. He needed to drink and he needed to laugh. So with the help of Roger and David, our architects and their families and Arturo, the best property manager and his family we had a group large enough to make a party. And we did! We went somewhere out into the country and went to a place under a huge palapa and listened to about 3 hours of music and a comedy show.... and ate and drank!

What a great birthday! Thanks for helping everyone!


  1. Feliz cumpleanos..................Where could be better to celebrate your birthday!!!!

  2. Feliz cumpleaños, Sr. CQ, y muchos más.

    Sorry we will miss meeting you this visit. Maybe next time. Enjoy your stay!