Saturday, October 15, 2011

Surprising Roger!

I managed to pack the bathroom sink in my suitcase along with the 9 GFCI outlets and covers and enough clothes for 6 days. The sink just made it in! Even an iota larger and I would have left it behind in STL. My suitcase made it through customs without even a question, though the guy before me had to declare a large stereo system. I didn't tell Roger Reyes Gallareta, our architect that I was bringing a sink. So when Carlos handed it to him when he picked us up at the Hyatt lobby he was a little surprised.... well let me restate that.... he was mucho surprised!
Handing over the sink
At first I'm sure he was thinking that I was trying to redesign something of his.. you know some of these artistic types can be very sensitive! But as the week continued I know that he was getting fond of this copper sink, he carried it everywhere in the backseat of his car and he took it into many of the stores we went into. 
The sink goes to the paint store
He started to redesign the half bath in his head and started talking about the lighting the sink deserved and how he could accomplish that! Yes, I think that Roger has been the right architect for us (accept for paint colors and that story will come) He's creative and flexible and extremely patient and yes after this trip I am bringing down the rest of the plumbing fixtures! (at least all the faucets, shower heads and handles)

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  1. How fabulous that you could bring that great sink with you. Sounds like Roger was quite taken with it, too. I'm sure he'll work up a lovely design for it.