Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Trying to pass some time!

Well, it's only Tuesday and we do not leave until Saturday afternoon. Carlos is in Ohio this week and he keeps reminding me of things I need to do before we leave... but he is the one that discovered his drivers license expires while we are gone! So I've called the DMV offices multiple times and have still not reached a human. The recording wants me to leave my name and number and someone will call me back. Yea, right! Only some of the offices renew drivers licenses on Saturday so I have to call many. What a waste of time. We arrive back home on Friday so the backup plan is that he will renew it than, because he goes back to Ohio on Sunday and he has to have a current drivers license to rent a car.
Yesterday I picked up the GCFI outlets and covers (9), and today I had a haircut and picked up chocolates and mints for Arturo and David. I have already wrapped a baby gift for our architect Roger who had a baby girl in the spring. The bathroom sink is ready. Clothes and toiletries are on the list. Now Saturday needs to get here! (and I do have to get the house clean and the pantry stocked for the kids)
So this afternoon I have been playing on the computer while Maia naps. I have been thinking about changing the name banner on the top of the blog for each season... So I have spent some time in Picnik and trying out some ideas... here is one of them....

and another

Yes, a real way to make time pass... along with farmville, scrabble, housework and not to mention hanging with Maia!


  1. Have a wonderful trip to my favorite place in the world.....Can't wait to go! It must be so exciting to be going to see your house!! Adios!

  2. I like the changes. As you can tell from my blog, I change colors frequently (in keeping with the blog's name) and occasionally the format. Keeps me from getting bored.

    I'm sorry we will miss you guys this trip. We get there on Nov 1. One of these days!

    Have fun!