Monday, October 17, 2011

Choosing Hard Surfaces is really hard....

After we spent some time at the construction zone, it was time to head out and start the task we had come to do...picking out some finishes. First on Roger's list was pasta tiles. We discussed where in the house we would use the tiles as we drove. Arriving somewhere in Merida, we enter the store front of La Peninsular.

Tiles everywhere... on the floors, on the walls and sometimes just stacked. Each one was more beautiful than the next!  This was going to take awhile.... we all wandered and than met in the middle and discussed our strategy. We decided we would concentrate by room. First the entry and living room... traditional we decided. Two rugs of pasta in the living room and one in the area of the indoor waterfall. All the same. We consulted and we discussed and sometimes we argued. But finally we all came to an agreement on which it was to be.

Our next discussion was for the main terrace as well as the walkway. Here we also discussed how much of the pasta tiles we would use. We decided that we would not use the 'rugs' in this area but would just outline an area and use plain in the middle. We found one we all agreed on but wanted the background to be white rather than beige, so he will make it for us and it will take about 6-8 weeks for production,
I wanted something fairly simple for the bedrooms and decided I would do the same tile in each one. Here is my choice (finally, I did not get out voted... I never thought that this would be a democratic process!) 
As Carlos is the master of his study, the entire choice was up to him. (and Roger of course) As his space is huge he will have two rugs of the same or similar design using the pasta tiles below. 
For the kitchen, family room and dinning area we decided to use just colored pasta tiles as we really want the island and counters to be the star there. Here is the hard surface we choose for the island and counters:
Rainforest Brown
And in the bathrooms. of course we are using crema and ticul for the showers and counter as well as for the floors (I think).


Choosing the hard surfaces took most of the day Monday as well as part of the day on Tuesday. Now it was time to go onto plumbing! Who knew how much work this would be! 

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