Sunday, October 16, 2011

All I can say is WOW!

Is it 10:30 yet?
I never thought it would be the WOW experience it was. We met Roger at the house on Monday. We arrived on Saturday night, and  spent Sunday out of Merida celebrating CQ's b-day and hadn't actually seen the construction yet. (I can't believe we actually waited more than a day!) So we walked from the Hyatt, over Avenida Colon and down Reforma to our cross street of Calle XX and soon arrived at the house. There was noise and workers in action but we patiently waited outside until Roger and Arturo arrived (promptly) at the prescribed time of 10:30 am.
The original floors are too damaged to use
The vista will be stunning

And the rest of the casa really seems to be about the arches.... they are everywhere! On the first floor:

As well as on the second floor!
This walkway is 6 foot wide..

And wait till the arches are lit up at night as each column has a spotlight at the base to light them. I think it will look spectacular! Yea, we were really having some WOW moments. What FUN.....

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  1. Ya'll do have some arches and columnes, it is going to be beautiful. We've really enjoyed your updates and keeping up with somebody elses construction, lol.