Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sometimes the views are a little strange..

Arturo has done a wonderful job of sending us photographs every couple of weeks. I think it gets difficult when the work that is being done is rather mundane and not mind shattering changes. CQ and I examine the photos by zooming in and discussing all the changes we notice, but frankly sometimes we wonder, why did he photograph this? So this past week we received some new photos and here are a few of them...
The stairwell gets a second coat... third to come before paint

Looking into the master bath planting area from above

The airshaft for bathroom ventilation

Eastern Wall.. looks massive!

Workers enjoy their morning break, they are really hard workers!


  1. I think I am slightly prejudiced, but I believe the Mexicans are THE hardest working people in the world!! Oh yeah, that was actually in the news a few months ago! They are.....and your home will be beautiful! Hope we get to meet during our visit!

  2. The bathroom ventilations really make a huge difference. With the ceiling fans running, everything in the bathrooms, towels, bath cloths, are all dry in no time. Much better than those noisy, mostly ineffective electric exhaust fans in the US.