Monday, November 14, 2011

Soon, somewhere on the high seas....

My plumbing supplies will be basking in the sunshine, snoozing in the fresh salty air and having buffet moments. Yes, my faucets and shower heads and valves will be travelling in style. And it was cheaper than a plane ticket. 
When we were in Merida we spent most of a day looking at faucets, toilets and showers. The faucets and showers we liked would have blown our budget to h***. 

CQ wants a multi spray shower (Merida)

I liked the rain shower heads (Merida)
CQ and I decided that we would buy the items in the USA. (utilizing, and We could price shop and get exactly what we wanted. This would be a good trade off because we were over budget on the tile.
Kitchen faucet meets bathroom faucet, could this be luv on the high seas?

One suitcase is ready to go!
Carlos and I love cruising. We don't care where the ship is going, just get us on it. We have crossed the ocean, cruised north to Alaska, explored the Panama canal and the islands of the Caribbean. So when the tickets to Merida or Cancun seemed very expensive, I said to Carlos, let's look at going by ship. It helps having some free air tickets to Florida.
BINGO, I found a 7 day cruise stopping in a port in Mexico at a price very close to the plane ticket. Contacting Roger, our esteemed architect,  he was very amiable to meeting us at the Mexican port. Now we are taking our faucets on a cruise (along with my sister and her husband). I just hope the faucets will be able to settle into the world of housework after... I just don't want to spoil them too much.

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  1. Kinda feel trumped by plumbing! You all have a super to see your updates/it's really coming along beautifully!