Saturday, March 17, 2012

Another peek at the tile progress

We had a few questions for Arturo last night. He called (via Skype) us this evening with the answers to most of our questions! We were so surprised that he was able to get most of our answers so soon. Another surprise he had for us was that he stopped by our house and took some more photos. So now we can see some to the tile work in progress. When it's finished with the high polish that pasta tile floors get I think it will be stunning.

Carlos' study and library is half done

The upper promenade 
Arturo also told us that when the workers were leveling the downstairs floors they took off a layer of tiles and found the older tiles underneath and it is beautiful! He will be talking to Roger to see if this can be saved and used where it was found or removed and used elsewhere.  Here are the photos of the older pasta tiles revealed. If the older tiles are not chipped they will polish to look look like new. The more colors in the pasta tiles the more expensive it is to make. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be able to be saved!


  1. Wow, things are really coming along. I sure hope they can save the older tiles. They're gorgeous!

  2. the pattern of the tiles are very nice....... looks like a carpet...