Friday, March 9, 2012

Two steps forward.....

I just received some updates from Arturo. He is right on it. He makes sure he is keeping us updated on the changes and my gosh... today it seems like the house has taken two steps forward. So here are a few of the changes I am seeing!

Beams added for skylight and stone wall for inside water feature done!
Stone wall for my shower is finished
Remember this?

It's improving!
Floors are ready for tiles

Tiles have arrived!

Beams are in over stairwell
According to Arturo everything will move much faster now. I'd love to be planning a trip to Merida, even in the heat....


  1. Looking good! I love seeing the progress pictures.

  2. The place looks great, and the tiles are exciting! We are really enjoying all of the progress.

  3. Thanks! I'm thinking that maybe a trip down in May will be in order. It will be 1 year of construction next month. It's a good thing we are not in a hurry!

  4. The arrival of the tiles is always a big milestone! Once the floors go in, the shell really starts to feel like a home. You've chosen some lovely patterns and colors. I'm sure you're thrilled to be this far along now.

  5. i love the renovation so far, the tiles are very nice and timeless...