Sunday, March 11, 2012

How will my cats like Merida?

I've discussed how we will keep our cats in our yard when we get to Merida. Roger, our architect and I have discussed adding to the wall height by using metal poles and bamboo sheeting. This has been becoming more popular in the Merida area as it helps to keep your pets in as well as other animals out. I would also need to do this on the roof area that connects with the neighboring house. I would hate to lose my pets and cats as well as dogs are just not respected enough in Mexico... although it has been improving. Here is a glimpse of our beloved pets:
This blog as well as our Merida house is named for Bleu-Berri. He is a Tonkinese cat which is a Canadian breed known as 'dog-cats'. They have a very mellow temperament and a tendency to follow you around like a dog!
Bleu would like the Merida weather!
Next comes Kiwi. He is a Siamese rescue. Quiet and mellow, he adventures on his own and keeps somewhat to himself. He does love to hunt, mice, bugs, and has been known to ambush his fellow cats for a quick game of cat and mouse! Oh yea, he does love his catnip!
Kiwi with his catnip!
And finally there is Persimmon. His breed is Ragdoll. Another rescue and truly a lover of a cat. Loves to hunt, loves to snuggle, loves to play in water and loves most everyone he meets!
Persie with my nephew Sebastian

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